This Home Theater Puts Acoustics Front and Center

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Mehta implemented a modified version of the “live end, dead end” (LEDE) acoustical design concept “where the front of the room is deadened using ample absorption, while keeping in mind that first-order reflections cause the most coloration. This makes the room feel wider and bigger than it is,” he explained. “The rear of the room is purposely kept reverberant to mitigate required power levels and keep the acoustic space live.”

But for this installation Mehta modified the LEDE design by treating the front two-thirds of the room with custom-made hybrid panels that provide both diffusion and absorption. Doing so makes the room feel “way wider than it actually is” and helps achieve a wide front stage with a very focused center. In the back third of the space, reverberant panels were used to create a surround field that “engulfs you.”




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