Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar review

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“Perhaps the biggest surprise is just how good Ambeo 
is at ‘upscaling’ two-channel content. It genuinely blurs 
the lines between a natively immersive codec and post-processing. I’m not suggesting you magically get discrete surround sound, or whizz-bang effects emanating from your ears. But the soundstage becomes wider, nuanced and realistic.

Sky One Kung-Fu show Warrior, which is broadcast 
in stereo, hits harder through this Sennheiser ‘bar. 
Any disappointment about the lack of 5.1 transmission
 fades away. And when you do have a multichannel TV 
mix, perhaps live sport, the ambience that’s created is smooth and naturalistic. You’re not listening to channels panning left or right, you’re simply engulfed by sound.




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