Home cinema install: A Night at the Opera

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An eye-catching feature of the room is its curved ceiling, which helps disperse sound in an irregular fashion, bringing an acoustic benefit. Amidst the detailed soffit design lurk the four height channel speakers, blended in behind custom grilles. The height of the curved ceiling also created space for the PJ to sit above the cornice, in a ventilated enclosure that reduces its operating noise by 50 per cent.

And then there’s the room’s aesthetic appeal. The installers worked with the owner to choose materials and colour palette, resulting in a mix of deep reds, gold and black tones, and sumptuous fabrics. Not only do these create the luxurious feel desired, they are ‘invaluable’ in reducing reflections from the projector, boosting its perceived contrast ratio, and work to improve acoustics in conjunction with absorbent wall treatments.






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