Vizio 36-inch 2.1-Channel Soundbar System Review

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Escape Plan: The Extractors starring Sylvester Stallone isn’t exactly cinematic magic, but it does have great sound design. Dialogue at first sounded muddy and overwhelmed by the movie’s music score, but it was simple to adjust the bass and subwoofer levels while slightly elevating the treble using the system’s remote control. Once this was done, the sound was much improved, with the G8 doing what a good soundbar should: disappear and not draw attention to itself. Escape Plan’s dialogue sounded crisp and clear and its music was full and balanced. The system’s sub is only spec’d down to 50 Hz, so it lacks an ability to convey deep low-frequency effects, but bass was still quite powerful on explosions. Whispered dialogue on the system was also clearly audible even when watching movies with a deep, pounding soundtrack.:”




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