Focal Astral 16 AV Processor/Amplifier Review




“All you need to do is plug the Astral 16 into your router, get the processor’s network address from the front display, type that into your browser and you’re good to go. The resulting screen gives you a choice of Remote or Setup, with the latter password protected. The Remote option provides all the controls you need to operate the processor and amplifier on a day-to-day basis. Conversely, the Setup option allows you to drill down into the menus, configuring and fine tuning the Focal.

The reason the Setup option is password protected becomes obvious as soon as you access it. The Astral 16 offers the kind of configuration flexibility only found on very high-end processors, and once fully set-up by a professional installer they will doubtless want to avoid any unwanted fiddling by their customer. However, if you’re a gifted amateur and want to set the Focal up yourself, you’ll have a field day playing with all the features and options.”



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