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Initial powerup runs the user through a series of questions regarding the set’s intended use (do not choose Store Demo), location, channel search (if you have an antenna), and network connection. The M658 instantly found my Wi-Fi access point and proceeded to download a firmware update which took just a few minutes. I was then presented with the SmartCast interface where one can spend countless hours surfing through vast oceans of content. I stuck to the basics though with Netflix and Amazon. A press of the Input button on the remote lets you change to any active HDMI port.

Calibration was a simple affair though it took a bit more work to tweak the SDR mode than it did on the PX65-G1. Out-of-box color is excellent though and, in my opinion, calibration isn’t strictly required. When I switched to HDR mode, I found there was no need for adjustment whatsoever. Its grayscale, luminance curve, and color tracking are all spot-on. For most users, the M658-G1 is a plug-and-play display.




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