BenQ Cineprime HT3550 4K DLP Projector REVIEW

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“For HD/standard dynamic range viewing, I selected the projector’s Normal Light mode and High Dynamic Iris setting. The former provided a sufficiently bright image— approximately 29 footlamberts (ft-L)—in my dark theater room, while the latter generated reasonably good contrast for a DLP projector at 1,370:1. Native contrast (Dynamic Iris off) was a mere 422:1, making use of the Dynamic Iris a necessity for dark room movie viewing. Gamma was left at the default 2:2 setting, and I also made a point of boosting the Pixel Enhancer 4K adjustment in the CinemaMaster submenu to the 5 setting to maximize detail in upconverted standard high-def images.

With HDR set to Auto in the HT3550’s Display menu, Ultra HD/high dynamic range sources are automatically detected and the projector switches to its HDR10 picture mode. After adjustment, the projector hit BenQ’s specified 95 percent DCI-P3 color space coverage in HDR10 mode when I had both the Wide Color Gamut and BrilliantColor settings switched on. Turning BrilliantColor off resulted in even more extended color space measurements, but I preferred the visual results I got with that BrilliantColor on.”




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