Roku Smart Soundbar and Wireless Subwoofer Review



“The soundbar alone produced decent bass in Normal mode, but there wasn’t much dramatic punch to movie sound effects, and the Smart Soundbar did little to distinguish itself with bass-heavy music. Switching to Bass Boost didn’t change things dramatically, but adding the Wireless Subwoofer did. Featuring a 10-inch, down-firing driver enclosed in an 11.8-inch cube with four sleekly curved corners, the 17.1-pound sub delivers 250 watts of sheetrock-shimmying power.

Even in Normal bass mode, the sub gave music a level of heft that was missing without it and generally enhanced the presence of everything I listened to. For example, the dialogue, sound effects, and music of Disney+’s The Mandalorian¬†sounded fine without the sub, but adding it brought the entire mix to life. Turning Bass Boost on added even more bombast to its action scenes. Music similarly benefitted from the subwoofer. In both Normal and Bass Boost mode, tunes tinged with heavy bass became more appealing and engaging than they were with the soundbar alone.


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