Samsung The Frame 65-Inch UHD TV (2019 Model) Review


But things get worse in that some functions that you need to set the rotation are in the bottom of the on-screen menu, with other key functions at the top of the menus. This is just maddening, but I eventually got through it with a selection of about seven or eight images that we agreed to. What is cool is the idea that the TV can be left on as a painting of sorts, and it will power save when you aren’t in the room but will snap back to life when you trigger its proximity sensors.

At first, I set the rotation too fast, but eventually had the art change on the hour. I have some really good photographer friends whom I am going to ask for images to upload to the set so I can cancel this recurring subscription ASAP, but it was worth playing with for a few months as part of the review. Simply put, Samsung needs much more access to 20th century art (think: Warhol, Lichtenstein, Picasso, etc.) to be worth the money. Much of the more modern art isn’t blue chip enough, although there is more to choose from if you are into, say, abstract expressionist for example.”


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