AudioControl Avalon G4 Four-Channel Amplifier Review

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“The amp offers both balanced and unbalanced inputs; I used the latter for most of my listening. While balanced inputs can reduce potential noise pickup with exceptionally long cables, the amp was silent with my ear one foot from the speakers when using 25-foot-long unbalanced interconnects to connect my preamp-processor to the amp. There’s also a ground lift switch on the rear to eliminate ground loops, but I didn’t need it.

I used the amplifier only in conventional unbridged mode, with each channel operating independently. Several other possible modes are facilitated by additional rear-panel features. These include “Through” outputs for each channel that allow it to drive the input of any other channel (such as in bridged mode), thus eliminating Y-splitter clutter. Any channel can also be used to bi-amp speakers. There’s also a selectable Low- or High-Pass filter (both not simultaneously). These modes are all thoroughly described in the AudioControl’s refreshingly tongue-in-cheek online user manual.


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