Aperion Audio Novus 5.0.2 Speaker System Review

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“I didn’t request a subwoofer with the Novus speakers. I reviewed Aperion’s Bravus II 12D sub for Sound & Vision two years ago, together with Aperion’s flagship Verus Grand III surround speaker system (review available at soundandvision.com). The Bravus II 12D was a solid performer at a good price, but a single sub isn’t quite up to the challenges of my new, very large, open-concept room, and since I already had a pair of SVS SB-3000 subs on hand for another project. I used the two SVS subs for this review, except when I listened to stereo music on the Novus towers alone.

Aperion also sent us its A5 immersive audio modules. Although a bit pricey at $500/pair, these are nonetheless beautifully built, sealed-box designs featuring a slick- looking, coincident driver (5.25-inch aluminum-coned woofer and 1-inch silk dome tweeter). While they’re sized to fit atop the Novus towers and bookshelf models and sloped to reflect overhead audio information off the ceiling, they also include threaded inserts for on-wall or even on-ceiling use as well.”



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