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Hometheater365 – Best Movie From 2010 -19

1.-Mad Max( 2015)

2- Scicaro (2015)

3-Ex Machina (2014)

4-Logan (2017)

6-GetOut (2017)

7-Hell or Highwater (2016)

8-Inception (2010)

9-Book of Eli (2010)

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Top 10 Movies of 2019

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Hometheater365 – Best Television Shows From 2010 -19

1-Mr. Robot (USA 2015 -19)

2-Alanta (FX 2016 – PRES

3-Killing Eve (BBC/AMC 2016-19)

4-Game of Throne (2011- 19)

5-The Killling ((AMC 2011-)

6-Sherlock (PBS 2010)

7-Justifed (FX 2010- 15)

8-True Decective (HBO 2014- 19)

9-The Americans (FX 2013-18)

10-Community (NBC 2010- 15)

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I Built A Video Store In My Basement – Welcome To Nost

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4K Projector Showdown – I Spent $7,000 Comparing 4 UHD Projectors


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Kaleidescape Strato S Movie Player Review


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There are several products Sony offers currently, and there are many just about to be replaced by new models just announced at CEDIA 2018. As new models push out old ones, this might be a great time to get any 4K Sony projector at an attractive price. If you are considering the best of the best, the VPL-GTZ270 is it. As I’ve already mentioned, it is the projector of choice for movie post-production studios and that is a very important endorsement. To use the same projector in your home theater means the chances of finding anything better in this performance category is likely impossible. The Sony VPL-GTZ270 is designed for precision and performance and it lives up to that intent. This projector is without a doubt my favorite and is a clear winner. Absolutely recommended!”








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