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Digital Amplifier Company MEGAschino Power Amplifier Review

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In most “subjective” reviews, this is the part of the review where you get the rapturous prose about how the gear transported the reviewer to musical parts previously unknown. But that is not the case with the MEGAschino; with it the rapture comes from the well-recorded music, not from the gear imbuing it with super-aural powers. So, what does the MEGAschino do? It leaves the music well enough alone. By this I mean it has a level of transparency and neutrality that reduces its sonic influence or coloring of the sound to a minimum. And while trying to do less to the sound, the MEGAschino manages to do more. Imaging, especially lateral imaging, has a level of definition that is as good as I’ve ever heard. Also, the MEGAschino’s ability to retain the three-dimensionality of a natural soundstage on good recordings was first-rate.”







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